Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Travels & Education for the Latest and Best in Hair

At Wink, we're committed to continual education in order to provide our guests with the latest and best in hair styles and color. Our stylists regularly attend classes and specialized trainings in chic cities all over the country to perfect the hottest techniques and trends. Check it out!

Jenna and Abby at Goldwell Institute in NYC / August 2014:

Jenna at Goldwell training in Santa Monica and Dallas / 2014:

 Jordan teaching IQ Cutting Method in DC and with KMS in Baltimore / 2014

Christine and Gilda at Behind the Chair in Nashville/ 2013:

Christine and Gilda with Dimitrios Tsioumas of Goldwell

drinks with old friends from Rusk 

Christine and Gilda with John Simpson of Goldwell

Christine at the Goldwell Academy in Santa Monica, CA taking a class on Freeform Hair Painting from Dimitrios Tsioumas / 2013: 

Staff at Oribe Backstage, a hands-on styling class on location at the Atlanta atelier / 2013 : 

Amy Grooms on tour with Arrojo / 2013: